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Daniel Nemenyi

Hello world!

Years, a decade perhaps, certainly far too long in the making. In the imagining. My personal website. My blog.

A place for jottings, and notes, and sketches and diagrams. For recording those technical things worked through and forgotten. An archive. My archive. My thoughts and all that.

Why now? 'If not now...', certainly, seizing the moment, kairos. But especially the 'now' of historical time, chronos. The 5 November 2020 is a junction: the ballots of the next US government are being counted and released in drips; their consequence a flood that will create a new world, a new real interconnection of things, a new internet. I need to not only navigate these times, endlessly watching the swell of the tide and formulating comments to my nearest has been exhausting: it's time for me to speak to the open. And Twitter is not my medium. Academic publications serve their purpose but their temporality is too slow, their rules of engagement too constrained.

How? Jekyll, a static site generator. That means simple files which I write in and a programme which turns them all into an HTMLified blog. And no database and no hosting and no Wordpress or being hacked. And its all mine. Written in Emacs. Hosted on Netlify via Github. Huge thanks to Maxime Vaillancourt whose website you'll see bears a certain resemblance: thank you Maxime for sharing your code; in turn I share mine.

So welcome. Welcome to my blog!