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Daniel Nemenyi

Hello, and welcome to my homepage -- a CV and occasional blog. Thanks for dropping by.

My research focuses on the conceptual histories of self-regulating systems, specifically those of early-cybernetics, with a focus on the theoretical implications for power and control.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow at the Leuphana Institute of Advanced Studies (LIAS) where I am working on the project, Kybernetes, or escaping seas and weaving snares in ancient Greek cybernetics (2023-2024).

My academic education has been in philosophy, with a BA Philosophy from the University of Sussex and an MA in Modern European Philosophy and a PhD from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University. My supervisor for both my MA dissertation and PhD thesis was Howard Caygill.

I am a member of the editorial collective of the magazine Radical Philosophy

Outside of academia I enjoy writing about and in code, especially in Emacs Lisp, LaTeX and Python (Gitlab, GitHub).

If you're a friend who'd like to borrow my books, have a search or browse through the catalogue and get in touch. Bear in mind that while some of my books are with me in Leuphana, some are in storage in London. Check the 'Collection' to locate them.

Publications and academic writing

Academic appointments


Blog posts

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